About Us

Mason Dixon Woodworkers History

The Mason Dixon Woodworkers was formed in 1987 primarily through the efforts of Bill Patterson, who was active in the hobby and the club until his death on November 12, 2010. Bill had been involved in woodworking clubs before arriving in the Salisbury area and was interested in getting a group of local hobbyists together to form a similar club. A small group including Ed Nock, Merle Culver, Don Connell, Stanley Bradley and Dick Gladding came together to form the nucleus of the new club. All of these individuals were accomplished woodworkers. Thus the Mason Dixon Woodworkers has been a resource for woodworking enthusiasts for all these years.

The club received 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization on 11/19/2009. TAX ID: 16-1697546.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of this club is to promote education and to foster craftsmanship in the art and techniques of woodworking. To promote these objectives, the club will:

  1. Provide an opportunity for charitable outreach to the communities in which we live, by assisting other organizations through the use of our skills and resources, and through toy making and providing them to other organizations for distribution to children at Christmas time.
  2. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, project design and planning, the use of tools (both hand and power), procedures, materials, processes and techniques, finishing and refinishing associated with woodworking.
  3. Provide sources of information, material, equipment, supplies and facilities for area woodworkers.
  4. Arrange field trips to woodworking suppliers as well as commercial and home workshops.
  5. Have presentations at club meetings by club members, local woodworkers, and occasionally, by professional speakers.
  6. Keep club members informed of craft shows or other opportunities for selling projects.