Member Memorial

As with all organizations the MDW have lost some members along the way who were instrumental in promoting the club and advocating for the hobby of woodworking.

We miss them and their contributions to our group. We would like to recognize those individuals who were active for an extended period of time in the general club operation as well as those who labored to produce the toys that have become our signature community outreach effort.

For present members, who were in the MDW during the time when these individuals were active members, this page will provide an opportunity to reflect on those days. For the newer members, this page will serve to remind you of the friendships and bonding that are formed through sharing our common interest of woodworking.

Bill Patterson
August 20th, 1928 – November 12th, 2010
“He Got us Started”

Irv Aydelotte
June 3rd, 1923 – February 23rd, 2005
“Good Ol’ Irv”

Stanley Bradley
February 1st, 1931 – January 23rd, 1998

Joe Fiala
August 11th, 1934 – September 16th, 2000

Jack Dorman
September 5th, 1930 – October 6th, 2009

Henry Lee Bohn
January 23rd, 1919 – February 13th, 2009

Joe Bongard
January 17th, 1928 – December 14th, 1999

John Null
April 4th, 1930 – May 6th, 2007

Pete Cast
May 28th, 1929 – May 28th, 2005

George Kelly
February 23rd, 1932 – September 23rd, 2008

John Burt
August 29th, 1947 – March 30th, 2003

Henry Van Gelder
June 17th, 1917 – May 19th, 2001

Dr. Andrew Mitchell
June 21st, 1923 – December 22nd, 2005

Bill Schwemlein Sr.
April 18th, 1926 – July 30th, 2004

George Sparrow
April 7th, 1924 – May 3rd, 2008